ITINERARIES: Rimini’s History


ITINERARIES: Rimini’s History


The city of Rimini has a population of about 146,000, making it one of the largest in the region. Emilia-Romagna was once a prominent territory in the Roman Empire and the remains of the Roman city can still be visited today in Rimini. Originally founded in 268 BC, the city served as a vital outpost for communications and its position on the Adriatic Sea made it an important stronghold. In addition to the fantastic beaches, Rimini also offers many historical sites, beautiful parks, charming squares and interesting museums.

Below you’ll find all the in-depth links with the various itineraries offered by Rimini Turismo, the official tourist information site of the city.

Roman Itinerary => link to full itinerary
Medieval Itinerary => link to full itinerary
Renaissance Itinerary => link to full itinerary
Fellini Itinerary => link to full itinerary
Surgeon’s Domus => link to full itinerary
Audio guides => link to audio guides

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