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The Awakening of Senses at Breakfast

Your look captures a rainbow of colours, intense and inviting aromas waft in the air: it is the table laid for the large breakfast at Rimini Suite Hotel.

Close your eyes and play with aromas: recognize the fragrance of homemade cakes blending with the scent of warm croissants. The regenerating waft of freshly squeezed citrus fruit energizes your morning.
Smell the salty aroma of bacon and eggs, of brown bread just taken out of the oven, of fresh salads and tomatoes.
Smell the intense tantalizing fragrance of espresso coffee and cappuccino that together with tea and hot chocolate are served at our cafeteria.

Open your eyes again and let them rest on the strawberry and fig jams sourced from local farms, a perfect match with the fresh organic km 0 ricotta, on the creamy yoghurt, on the vivid colours of the freshly cut seasonal fruit salads, on the natural shades of the fruit juices.

And now the time has come for the sense of taste and breakfast is even more pleasant if you savour it outdoor by the pool.

Lounge Restaurant: a mixture of lightness and class

The exclusive and carefully decorated setting of our Lounge Restaurant is perfect to savour a varied selection of typical products from our region such as: piada, salami and ham, cheeses, honey and jams, meat or fish dishes created by our inventive chef, fresh seasonal vegetarian dishes, vegan snacks.

Our menus may be served in a special outdoor area by the pool to make your summer evenings so special.

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